10 Best Android Multiplayer Games on Android

Gaming on mobile has a greater rate than any other technology. It touches peaks every year with a bundle of great games that are available on Google play store. Most of them are free, and for some, you pay for extra features.How are the best android multiplayer games for enthusiastic players?
The trend of online multiplayer games is rising gradually in today’s world. Free online Multiplayer games give you more edge to play favourite games with your friends simultaneously with a lot of fun. Multiplayer Android games make it possible to interact with each other on android by competing with one another.
Where Can You Play The Best Android Multiplayer Games?
Online Multiplayer games give you a much better experience in the gaming process. These games are not only for those enthusiasts who play games on play station. Free online Multiplayer games are also available to play on the computer as well. In 21century, everyone is familiar with android gadgets. Suppose you don’t have a play-station, no need to worry about it. You can play free multiplayer games online with your friends on your android phones.
Are you worried about choosing the best android multiplayer games? Stay calm. I have an excellent selection for you. I have described some best android multiplayer games in detail for your easiness. Read it till the last word. You will find the best android multiplayer games that suit best to your taste of games and fun.
Asphalt 9: legends Android Multiplayer Games

In 2014, for many smartphones and mobile users, the original version of the game became available. It comprised of stunning 3d visuals with licensed tracks to give a lot of fun.
The Asphalt 9 is a perfect arcade game for racing, with a substantial single-player career, excellent graphics, good sound, and duration.
Asphalt 9 is familiar to everyone who likes playing racing games. The visuals of the game have been the benchmark of the androids.
Visual asphalt nine has become a stunning game in the Platform of androids. It’s full of fun. Moreover, you can enjoy it in its original, free form. By only spending a bunch of bucks, you can purchase the Starter Pack. But beyond that, the game won’t force you to do anything other than to play it.
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PUBG mobile and lite Android Games

PUBG is an online multiplayer game that has broken all records of the gaming world among the young generation. Players Unknown Battleground was first available for Windows in December 2017. And the mobile version became known worldwide in March 2018. Due to China’s content restrictions, a restricted version of PUBG called Peace Game was known to play in 2019.
It is a battleground game, in which there are different kinds of maps (angle, Santo, etc.) containing 30 min of matches individually.
In this game, players can choose to enter the game with a small team, up to four people. It has a few hunger games that can start from nothing, and you can attain weapons and equipment.
In this game, 100 players fight inside a digital landscape. This game continues until the last man standing. Additionally, a previous man or winner team can get chicken dinner as a reward from that game.  The aim of this game to survive. If you want to win, you have to collect the weapons standing out in trouble and killing your opponents till the last moments.
Players can buy an in-game currency within the game, which they can then use to purchase crates containing weapon customizations and character upgrades.
Player spending on PUBG mobile and Game for Peace reached 221 million U.S. dollars in August 2020.
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Call of duty: mobile Android Games

Call of duty is one of the best Android multiplayer games. It’s one of the world’s most thrilling games you can play. This game was available on Play store in March 2019. It is a shooter game.
Call of duty pertains to some of the useful features that enhance the quality of the game.
It has premium HD quality with thrilling 3d graphics.
This game’s aim pertains to five different objective modes to shoot franchise and destroy headquarters with multiple titles.
With that said, you can play this fighting game on your computer and mobile as well. Mobile is precisely suited for this game.
As you expect from it, it has stunning components, including zombies and battle royal game modes entirely free for mobile.
This game has regular updates by changing ‘characters, maps, and new battle pass as well. The biggest highlights are that the first original map to debut on Call of Duty Mobile.
You can also introduce a playable character that allows you to launch multiple proximity mines by releasing Nano drones to attack your enemies.
The game enjoyed great success in its opening months, amassing 172 million downloads worldwide in the first two months after release. Nearly 28.5 million of those downloads came from the United States, accounting for 16.6 percent of all downloads.
Mine craft

A sandbox video game that became popular in the minimum time name to be as “Minecraft.” The mine craft game was officially available for the Public in November 2011. Swedish game publisher Mojang developed this famous sandbox game. This game allows players to build 3D worlds with different types of blocks and then explore and craft items within their new world.
The objective of Mine craft comprises of different modes, creative and survival. Players have to appear in a new world to create new things, build structures, and many more creatively.
And in survival mode, players have won the levels bypassing the tricky paths. Without dying, Minecraft’s players can explore the game’s career by procedurally-generated 3d plans with infinite terrains, extract materials, and build structures on earth.
Players can fight the computer-cooperated mobs and complete the other players in the same world. Minecraft had nominated as the “world influential video games.”
It has been inducted for the “world video hall of the games” in June 2020. This game has composed of rough 3d objects, dirt, water, sand, lava, and trucks are commonly known as “cubes.”
Players have to arrange blocks in 3d grid format to mine these blocks to complete the game levels.
Since its release in 2011, Minecraft has amassed 126 million active players worldwide.
Adventure quest 3D

This game was on play store for the public in March 2011. Adventure quest 3d is the world fantasy game. The purpose of this game, players have to take the role of heroes by defeating the enemies in different battles. It is one of the best action video game for android phone users.
It is a free game with a cross-platform MMORPG theme and frequently updated its features by years.
You can play it on IOS/android only.
Those persons who love to play action games, such enthusiasts, can become the adventure quest 3d game to build new structures and defeat the monster.
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Fortnite is also falling in that category of multiplayer best android games. It a free online video game released in 2017. The primary goal of this game is to stay as long as possible in the game tasks. Players can also collect materials and build structures also. Epic games have developed this game.
It is one of the best multiplayer android games where 100 players can fight with their other opponents.
That fight can happen in the game for survival until the last man standing there.
Fortnite is a high-risk game that is compatible with android /ios users also.
It is another action game for those who love fighting games. This game earns hundreds of million dollars per month. And it is becoming more cultural and popular with each year.
Fortnite is divided into three different modes with stunning graphics to enhance the quality of the game. Fortnite becomes such a significant global hit in the worldwide scenario. Because of its battle-royal style and re-playability of the play is infinite. Its cartoon style is quite popular in the younger audience.
According to the statistics of the world, almost two-thirds of Fortnite players age between 18 and 24.
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Clash of Clans

Clash of clan is the best android strategy game. Finnish game had launched this game on August 2, 2012. This multiplayer game is one of the best Android multiplayer games ever because of its features, mindblowing graphics, and much more fun.
This game’s strategy is to earn trophies by successfully attacking others’ villages or defending an attack from other online players.
In the clash of clans, a lot of terrains are made. Users can play this game to attack other society players.
In this game, players can win the other’s territory.
This game has different models of levels. Clash of clans has become the worldwide fighting game in which new danger threatens to destroy the region to build a new island in their environment.
Although the game is free to download, the players have spent nearly 1.8 billion dollars within play until 2015.
Riptide GP: Renegade

Riptide GP was launched in 2016. And it immediately became famous because of the best hydro jet-racing.
Riptide boasts good graphics, excellent controls, and a variety of ride-racing styles.
It is an adventurous game that differs in multiple terrains. You can play races up to 4-players.
Riptide GP is full of thrill and fun for those who take an interest in racing.
In this game, players can ride across waterways with waterjets. It is a well-made water race with tricky-controls.
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Pokémon go

Pokemon go one of the newest Android games in the list of the best android multiplayer games. It was launched in 2016 and developed by Niantic with the cooperation of the Pokémon Company. Pokémon go one of those games which are playing all around the world.
You can travel in the virtual world of Pokémon on your android or iPhone.
In this game, the player must travel Pokemon stops to explore the game’s maps. Players can establish their accounts on this game. They can customize their avatar after creating. The avatars are present on maps of Pokestops. And gyms are typically located on places of interest.
As players move their real-world surroundings but their avatars move within the map of the game.
Players can earn different points in various game activities. They can attain another mission to achieve the next level of the game.
Crossy road

Another best multiplayer game for android users is a Crossy road. It is an arcade video game that became available to play in 2014. Hipster whale has created this game.
In this game, you have to hop across logs, sidestep, collect coins, and much more to do in it.
Crossy road is a free online video game for android and iPhone users.
It is an endless runner, but you to pass a high castle tower full of obstacles and enemies. This game has also been played either by controller or touch-controls.
The objective of this game is to cross the roads and avoid obstacles without dying. This game comprises of a vast series of difficulties in different paths. The player has to move the way bypassing obstacles without breaking.
A few most important stats and facts about the cross roadshow that…

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