Thursday, 23 July 2020

Get Feedburner Feed Link

How to Get Feedburner Feed Link.

What is Feedburner?

Feedburner is google service which automatically ping to many interesting parties to give feed of any blogger, first it was independent service but later it takeover by google. By making feed burner account you will get other many benificial services like Email Subscription form for your blog and Feed Counter etc to know more click links. here i am telling about to get feedburner feed link.

1. Copy and paste this link in your browser
2. Login with your google,Gmail or Blogger account.
3. Put your blog url in box below this line (Burn a feed right this instant. Type your blog or feed address here:)
4. Press Next and Follow the instructions one by one. If your blog is not related to online video then avoid to mark any box related to postcad.
5. At the end you will find link like this . This is your feedburner feed link.

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