Friday, 24 July 2020

Recent Post Widget

Add Recent Post Widget in Blogs

When you add this widget in your blog, it will show all your recent post to visitors.This is nice way to tell visitors what is updated on your blog. In the past time it was difficult to include this widget because addind of code to template. And every bloggers  have no knowledge of editing templates. But now blogspot include it, you have to do only some clicks. To include this in your blog.

1. Login your blogger account.
2. Click Layout.
3. Click Add a Gadget, where you want to place this widget.
4. In the popup window click featured.
5. Here you will see two type of gadgets,
    (a) Blogger Recent Posts
    (b) Recent Posts Advanced.
    the difference is that (a) is simple and (b) has more options like
    thumbnails etc.
6. Addition of (a) : It has 6 coloum,you can edit and choose options.
7. Addition of (b) :It has 11 options.Editing is same above but here
    difference is that you have to put site url in coloum three in Blog Url.

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