7 Easy Steps to Clear Cache In Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a web browser software developed by search engine giants Google. This browser is very popular and is known to be the king of all web browsers having a market share of about 55 percent according to StatCounter. A lot of people use Chrome and I even use it most of the time. Chrome browser is powered by the Blink Engine which implements all current web standards. Webmasters today are looking for way to make their website faster to their users. Most developers rely on browser cache to load their contents faster to their visitors.

What Is Browser Cache And Why Is It Useful

Web pages contain documents which are used by the browser to display them to you. The documents are files which help developers and designer bring out their creativity or contents to the world. These files include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Images and other web media files. Every time you visit a web page Google Chrome download these files and store them on your hard disk. The next time you visit the web page again your browser look through your cache and loads the files which were downloaded and loads them onto your Chrome browser. Browser cache is a temporary location on your hard disk where web files stored by the browser and accessed whenever they are in need.

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Cache makes it possible to load websites faster even when you have a slow internet connection because the browser won’t have to download the website’s files over and over since they have been stored on your hard disk. Chrome will however download the files again if the web developer updates files used the website. Although browser cache saves your bandwidth and speeds the loading of websites it can also take up some space on your hard disk. It can also cause problems like partial loading of pages.

That’s why clearing cached files is often recommended by top IT experts in order to solve issues faced Chrome and also to free up space for more storage. This post answers the question of how to clear cache in Google Chrome.

Clearing Google Chrome Cache: 7 Easy Steps to Follow

1. First click on the 3 vertically aligned dotted button which can found at the right corner of the window

2. Next click on settings to open the settings page

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on advanced

4. Under the privacy and security section, click on clearing browsing data to open the dialog box

5. Under the basic section within the dialog, select the time range you want. You can also uncheck clearing browser history and cookies if you do not want to delete them.

6. Click the third checkbox (if not automatically selected) to select cache images and files

7. Finally click on clear data to clear cached files used by Google Chrome

Your Turn

It’s up to you to decide whether to clear files stored by Chrome on your PC. Cache allows your web browser to load contents faster but at the cost of using much space in your hard disk. Clearing them from time to time can free up some disk space and also make your browser work and load fresh content better. 

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