9 Best Dedicated Server Hosting Providers in 2020 (Review)

Best Dedicated Hosting Providers

Best Dedicated Hosting ProvidersIn simple terms, dedicated hosting is renting a physical server at the provider’s data center that is solely for your use.

Dedicated hosting is similar to Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, but the main difference is that dedicated servers get access to more RAM compared to the VPS servers.

Dedicated servers are isolated from one another, giving you the freedom to configure your servers the way you need.

The other benefits are full-access control, complete privacy, and guaranteed server resources based on your hosting plan. Besides, dedicated servers’ performance does a great job of keeping your website stable and predictable.

If you’re someone who needs hosting for high traffic websites, then dedicated hosting is the best option for you.

During our review process, we focused on the following aspects when rating the dedicated hosting providers on our list:

  • Features included with the base plans
  • Uptime and speed performance
  • Pricing structure
  • Customer support experience

Let’s take a look at some of the best dedicated hosting options out there.

9 Best Dedicated Hosting Services

1. Liquid Web – Fastest Dedicated Servers

Visit LiquidWeb.com

Plans start at $199/mo


  • + Fastest load time (~360ms)
  • + Powerful servers (32GB RAM)
  • + RAID 1 storage
  • + Data centers in the US and EU
  • + CloudFlare CDN
  • + 24/7 excellent support (under 1 min)


  • – cPanel costs extra
  • – Limited bandwidth (5TB)

Liquid Web offers a reliable and lightning-fast dedicated hosting service. It comes equipped with powerful servers and loads of useful features to keep your websites at the top performance.

Liquid Web has data centers in the US and EU, which provide a stable connection for visitors in both regions. Performance-wise, we’ve measured their speed to be the fastest on the list with an average of ~360ms. Their uptime was almost perfect, with 99.99% and only 2 minutes of downtime in the past two months.

Tested Hosting Plan: Liquid Web VPS / Statistics dates: 01.03.2020-30.04.2020

Liquid Web offers dedicated servers with both Linux and Windows configurations. However, be prepared to pay extra for the Windows configuration as a standard. You also have access to Plesk, cPanel, WHM, and Interworx control panels for which you’re able to buy separate licenses through the control panel.

One of the main advantages is that you get a whopping 32GB of RAM and a 3.9GHz processor with 4 CPU cores right from the start. The disk space with the cheapest plan is not that great with 480GB, but the default SSD disk makes up for it considering the speed. You also have the option to upgrade to a larger disk space when you need it. Also, you get a single dedicated IP with the cheapest plan. However, you’re limited to 5TB of bandwidth for data transfers, which should be enough for most small or medium-sized businesses.

The main features are root and SSH access, real-time monitoring, standard DDoS protection, and software RAID 1 with a 1TB Single SATA HDD backup drive included with the plan. You also get an added benefit of CloudFlare CDN add-on to boost your content’s delivery speed to returning visitors.


Liquid Web offers 24/7 phone and chat support with every plan. They also guarantee a 59-second initial response, which they kept when we reached out for their assistance.

After the initial response, the following questions got answered in a few minutes. The support is knowledgeable about their dedicated hosting plans and goes an extra step to determine which hosting solution would be the best fit for your project.

Overall, Liquid Web’s support is very helpful, polite, and fast to respond to your concerns or questions.


The prices start from $199/month. There’s no annual payment possibility. The lowest prices are for core managed or unmanaged plans. Besides, you also have to pay an extra $35/month for a cPanel license, which can make monthly payments quite expensive.

If you’re looking to get a dedicated server in the EU, you’re facing higher rates, but lower performance on the web servers compared to US plans.

Every plan comes with a 100% uptime guarantee. Unfortunately, Liquid Web doesn’t offer any money-back guarantees.

Visit LiquidWeb.com to get started

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2. InMotion Hosting – Dedicated Servers with Extra Security

Visit InMotionHosting.com

Plans start at $139.99/mo


  • + Great load time (~460ms)
  • + Free cPanel & WHM
  • + Free AutoSSL and APF firewall
  • + Software RAID
  • + 24/7 great customer support
  • + 30-day full money-back guarantee


  • – Data centers in the US only
  • – Limited bandwidth

InMotion offers dedicated servers with extra layers of security to protect your websites against malware that come as a default with their plans. They have excellent performance and features, which make them one of the top dedicated hosting companies on our list.

Their servers are located only in the US, but their performance and uptime are top-notch. Over the past two months, their average speed has been ~460ms with a near-perfect 99.98% uptime.

Tested Hosting Plan: InMotion VPS / Statistics dates: 01.03.2020-30.04.2020

InMotion offers Linux server configuration only, but they’ve thrown in a free cPanel and WHM to sweeten the deal. All of their web servers are managed to give you more free time for development rather than keeping your servers up and running.

InMotion’s dedicated hosting plans start at 8GB of RAM and a decent 3.50GHz processor with 4 CPU cores. You also have the option to choose between an SSD and HDD disks with 500GB and 1TB of space, respectively. If you don’t need the space, go with the SSD option for much better performance. Besides, you receive 5 dedicated IP addresses with the cheapest plan but are limited to 6TB of bandwidth.

Looking at the features is where InMotion starts to shine. Apart from the free cPanel access advantage mentioned before, you get your standard root and SSH access, DDoS protection, and software RAID. You also get additional security benefits such as a free AutoSSL and a preloaded APF firewall to protect you against malware with every dedicated server. They also do automatic updates on your server as part of offering a managed server plans.


InMotion offers a standard 24/7 customer support over the phone, Skype, chat, or email. The response time of their support is impressive. The follow-up questions also got answered quickly, and this proves that they take customer support very seriously.

The representatives are quite knowledgeable and can help you with any questions or concerns you might have. However, some answers were vague at first, but they got into more details with follow-up questions.

Overall, InMotion’s support offers a great customer support experience.


The plans start from $139.99/month with a yearly commitment or from $159.99/month if you’re more comfortable to pay monthly. You have the option of a 30-day money-back guarantee if their services are not to your liking.

Every plan comes with free 2-hour launch assistance, which means that InMotion’s system admins help you transfer your content with zero downtime or assist you with any setup questions you have.

InMotion also guarantees a 99.99% uptime with its dedicated hosting service.

Visit InMotionHosting.com to get started

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3. HostGator – Easy to Get Started

Visit HostGator.com

Plans start at $89.98/mo


  • + Free cPanel & Plesk
  • + Unlimited bandwidth
  • + Unlimited databases
  • + RAID 1 storage
  • + Automated updates
  • + 24/7 monitoring


  • – Below average load time (~1090ms)
  • – Data centers in the US only
  • – High renewal prices ($189/mo)
  • – No SSH access

HostGator is a known web hosting company with useful features when it comes to dedicated servers. They offer a managed dedicated hosting solution with competitive pricing but be prepared to pay more after the initial period.

HostGator has data centers in the US only. Their performance over the past two months isn’t something we’d hoped to see from a well-established web hosting provider. The average speed was only ~1090ms, which is below the performance some of the other providers have on this list. Their uptime was 99.86% as they experienced two hours of downtime during the last two months.

Tested Hosting Plan: HostGator VPS / Statistics dates: 01.03.2020-30.04.2020

HostGator offers both Linux and Windows configurated servers to match your needs. You get access to a free control panel with both configurations, cPanel and WHM with Linux and Plesk and WebMatrix with Windows.

HostGator’s cheapest plan comes with a decent 8GB of RAM and a 2.1GHz processor with 4 CPU cores. You get 1TB of HDD disk space and only have the option of choosing an SSD disk with higher-tier plans. However, you have unmetered bandwidth and 3 dedicated IP addresses with every plan.

The main features are root access, DDoS protection, RAID 1 storage, and IP based firewall. Also, you get access to unlimited databases. Since HostGator offers a managed dedicated hosting solution, they monitor your servers 24/7 and provide automated updates right from the start.


HostGator has a 24/7 phone and live chat support. However, the customer support experience is somewhat questionable.

When we reached out to their support, we got connected to a representative on our second attempt. The support was helpful with our initial questions but left us hanging with the follow-up questions.

Overall, the HostGator customer support isn’t very reliable, but you do get your answers once you get through to them. However, that’s not the experience you are hoping for in today’s competitive hosting world.


HostGator’s dedicated hosting plans start from $89.98/month with a three-year commitment. This is quite a bargain considering the value you get with the cheapest plan, but be prepared to pay a regular rate of $189/month for the renewal period.

They do offer the option to pay monthly, but the pricing starts from $159.99/month, which is quite expensive. Unfortunately, HostGator doesn’t offer any money-back guarantees. You are better off trying their services for one month at a higher cost and then switching to a longer commitment to keep the costs down.

Visit HostGator.com to get started

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4. Bluehost – Best for Worldwide Coverage

Visit Bluehost.com

Plans start at $79.99/mo


  • + Free cPanel
  • + Data centers in the US, EU, and Asia
  • + RAID 1 storage
  • + Average load time (~720ms)
  • + Free SSL
  • + 30-day money-back guarantee


  • – Lowest disk space (500GB HDD)
  • – Limited bandwidth (5TB)
  • – No DDoS protection
  • – Unreliable customer support

Bluehost is a reliable dedicated hosting provider with great value for your money. Their servers are not as powerful as some of the other dedicated server providers’ on this list, but you get some excellent features for a relatively low cost.

Bluehost has data centers almost all over the globe with coverage in the US, EU, and Asia. Their uptime is almost perfect, with 99.99% and only a minute of downtime in the past two months. The performance is also reliable, with an average speed of ~720ms during the same period.

Tested Hosting Plan: Bluehost VPS / Statistics dates: 01.03.2020-30.04.2020

They only offer Linux configured servers, but they’ve added a free cPanel subscription with every plan to help you manage your dedicated server with ease.

Bluehost’s cheapest plan comes with a 4GB RAM and 2.3GHz processor with 4 CPU cores, which aren’t that powerful. You also get a 500GB of HDD disk space, which isn’t a lot, and considering that they don’t offer an SSD disk with that low storage. Your bandwidth is also capped at 5TB, which should be enough for most small and medium-sized businesses. You do get 3 dedicated IP addresses with the cheapest plan.

Some of the main features are the standard root and SSH access and RAID 1 mirrored storage. On top of the free cPanel mentioned earlier, you also get a free SSL certificate to take some hassle off from your costs. However, the plans are missing the industry-standard DDoS protection.


Bluehost offers a 24/7 phone and chat support with every plan. However, after multiple attempts during the first day, we failed to get in touch with them using the live chat function. It could’ve been a problem with the live chat software during our review, but if the problem is reoccurring, you are better off calling them directly.

We tried the next day again and got connected with a representative in a few minutes. Their responses were fast, short, and straight to the point, which is what you would expect from good customer support.

Overall, if Bluehost’s live chat function doesn’t fail, you get a quick and straightforward answer.


Bluehost’s cheapest dedicated hosting plan starts from $79.99/month, with a commitment of 3 years. It’s quite a bargain even though their lower-tier plans are lacking some features and power that the other server providers are offering (for a higher price). If you’re more looking to pay monthly for your dedicated server, then expect to pay double the lowest price, starting from $149.99/month.

However, they offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee, and you get a free domain name for your first year with them.

Visit Bluehost.com to get started

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5. DreamHost – Fully-Managed Dedicated Hosting

Visit DreamHost.com

Plans start at $149/mo


  • + In-house developed control panel
  • + Unlimited Bandwidth
  • + Local MySQL Database Server
  • + RAID 1 storage
  • + 24/7 monitoring


  • – Below average load time (~1120ms)
  • – Data centers in the US only
  • – Weak customer support

DreamHost is one of the oldest web hosting companies out there, but that doesn’t make them out-of-date. Their dedicated hosting comes with a built-in control panel, decent servers, and web server monitoring to make your dedicated servers easy to use. They’re also fully-managed, so if you’re looking for a dedicated server with the least amount of hassle, then DreamHost got you covered.

Their data centers are only based in the US. When it comes to performance, the last two months haven’t shown that excellent results. The average speed was ~1120ms, which is sub-par compared with other providers on our list. Their uptime was 99.87%, as they suffered two hours of downtime spread across the measured two months.

Tested Hosting Plan: DreamHost VPS / Statistics dates: 01.03.2020-30.04.2020

DreamHost offers dedicated servers with Linux configuration only, but you get access to their easy-to-use built-in panel specifically designed for Linux servers.

The lowest-tier plan gives you 4GB of RAM and a processor with 4 CPU cores, which isn’t that impressive. But, you get a decent 1TB of HDD disk space and unlimited bandwidth right from the start. You also get one dedicated IP with the lowest-tier plan.

The main features are root and SSH access, DDoS protection, RAID 1 storage, and 24/7 server monitoring. If you’re using databases, then you also get a local MySQL Database server included with every plan.


DreamHost offers 24/7 technical support with their dedicated hosting plans. However, when digging a bit deeper, you’ll learn that the live chat option is only available from 5:30 AM to 9:30 PM Pacific time, 7 days a week.

Besides live chat, you’re left with creating a ticket or attempting to find a solution through chatting with a robot.

Overall, Dreamhost’s claim to have 24/7 support isn’t the all-day support option that we’re used to if it means creating a ticket 24/7. Unfortunately, the experience falls under the average customer support abilities that we’ve seen before.


DreamHost’s dedicated hosting plans start from $149/month with a one-year commitment. However, their monthly price starts from $169/month, which isn’t a massive difference if you prefer not to make long-term commitments. Also, since they have an in-house developed panel, you won’t be surprised with any extra costs when it comes to the control panels.

Since the basic plan comes only with 4GB of RAM, you might want to upgrade to 8GB of RAM, starting at $189/month with a one-year commitment. It’s more expensive than the base plan, but you get more performance with your fully-managed dedicated server.

Every plan comes with a service level agreement of 100% uptime guarantee.

Visit DreamHost.com to get started

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6. A2 Hosting – Best for Unmanaged Servers

Visit A2Hosting.com

Plans start at $99.59/mo


  • + Unmanaged server options
  • + Data centers in the US, EU, and Asia
  • + RAID 1 storage
  • + CloudFlare CDN
  • + 24/7 monitoring
  • + Free site migration
  • + Anytime money-back guarantee


  • – Weaker servers
  • – cPanel costs extra
  • – Worst load time (~1220ms)

A2 Hosting has dedicated hosting plans for both unmanaged and managed servers, depending on what you need. If you’re looking for a great deal on the unmanaged dedicated server, then A2 Hosting is the way to go. However, if managed servers are more for you, then you might be better off with someone else.

A2 Hosting has data centers covering the US, EU, and Asia, similar to Bluehost coverage. Their uptime is near perfect, with 99.99% and only 4 minutes of downtime over the past two months. However, during the same period, their speed performance wasn’t great, with an average load time of ~1220ms, which is the worst result on our list.

Tested Hosting Plan: A2 Hosting VPS / Statistics dates: 01.03.2020-30.04.2020

They only offer Linux configured servers, and with the unmanaged plan, you get to choose your Operating System to go with it. However, there’s no control panel coming along with the unmanaged plan, compared to the managed plan.

A2 Hosting’s unmanaged plan comes with a decent 8GB of RAM, but only with a 3.1GHz processor with 2 CPU cores. You also get 1TB of HDD disk space and…


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