Can You Earn Money By Watching Tiktok Videos? These Are


Tiktok is getting popular day by day. In fact, it is one of the most downloaded app of the decade after Facebook messenger, Whatsapp and Instagram. It has opened up countless opportunities for creators to showcase their talent and many of them are even making thousands of dollar using brand promotions and various monetisation methods. Well, that’s for creators but what about viewers like us? Can we make any money by just watching Tiktok videos? Let’s find it out in this post.

So the answer is NO. Tiktok does not pay you for watching the videos on its platform and probably it never will.

We also searched for potential third party apps and websites that could offer money in exchange of Tiktok video views but we had no luck finding the working ones.

But, there are many apps and websites out there which are paying good bucks for watching videos, not Tiktok ones though. So if that interests you, just go on reading.

Zynn App

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Zynn is a social media app just like Tiktok where you can upload videos upto 15 seconds. The cool part is, you can earn good money by just watching videos. Your earnings will skyrocket if you refer this app to your friends.
You can earn anywhere between $0.1 to $0.3 by watching videos but this amount is subjected to change.
Referring this app to friends using unique referral code can yield you $6 per friend or even more.

Zynn app is just like Tiktok app and it can fetch you good $$ for getting entertained. There are several other websites like, Swagbucks etc, but their payouts are quite low so I’m not going to recommend you that.

GetUpside App

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GetUpside is NOT the app that pays you for watching videos or anything like that but so far, this is the BEST app for making easy money.
This app basically gives free cashback on gas refills. Plus when you refer it to your friends, you keep earning commissions for lifetime.
I have personally made over $800 with GetUpside and this has been smooth and hassle free experience.
You can use promo code 2Y4RB at the time of signup to receive extra bonus.
You get various payout options like Amazon, Walmart gift cards but I prefer Paypal payments.

Comment down below if you are aware of any such app that pays for watching videos. Thanks for scrolling by!


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