Can You Earn Money from TikTok? The Answer is Yes

Can You Earn Money from TikTok The Answer is Yes and Heres How 002

TikTok is taking the digital world by storm and its users are growing by the second. It’s a social media platform that lets users create short videos on virtually anything – dance challenges, pranks, tutorials, unboxing. Think of it as a bite-sized version of YouTube and vlogging.

If you think creating a TikTok account to take silly videos of yourself is a waste of time, think again. Sometimes wasted time is all you need to earn bucks. Earning money is a difficult task but if something as easy as being a TikToker gets you all the cash, why not sell a bit of your soul, right? It’s called ‘influencer marketing’ and Filipino Tiktok users actually earn as much as P5,000 for a single upload.

Here are the ways you can get that bread (millennial slang for “earn money”) from TikTok:


Create a profile so unique, everyone will remember you for it until the end of the world

Give a man a camera and spare time and he can change the world

Before becoming an influencer and opening yourself up to the world (to be criticized, bashed, or loved), you have to figure out what kind of content you want to produce first. Are you a dancer, singer, prankster, or just someone with a really interesting day-to-day life? Plus points if you’re funny (or good looking) because everyone will just eat that up. The point is, “own” something unique only to you. Just be yourself doing the things you want to and rake in all those followers!


Ride the wave of trends

Renegade! Hit the whoa! What other trends am I missing?

What are the other famous TikTokers doing? Do that too but not to the point where you lose your own content from getting with the trend too much. If there’s a dance craze going on, show them your moves, or non-moves for that matter. Check out Rico Blanco and Harry Roque’s (yes, Harry Roque) profiles. The dudes never looked like they would be hooked to TikTok but their profiles and dance moves say otherwise. And now they’re famous and are probably earning money from it.


Make sure your videos reach a wide audience

Before you make money from being a TikTok influencer, make sure you have a lot of followers and gaining followers circles back to generating interesting content. Followers are the bread and butter of being an online anything – influencer, YouTuber, etc.  Having a lot of followers makes sure your views and engagement count increase by the video and this pushes up your organic search traffic.


Chances are you’re also a budding YouTuber or an aspiring Instagram influencer with hundreds of followers. Whatever the case, be confident to promote yourself (most importantly your TikTok profile) on all platforms.

To add your social media sites, simply go to your ‘Me’ profile tab on TikTok, click on ‘Edit Profile’ and then ‘Add YouTube’ or ‘Add Instagram’ option.


The FUNNIEST TikTok video ever, IMHO

Sometimes relying on your own charms will not cut it. Play around with video techniques and production setups. Once potential brands see that you’ve got a lot to offer, they will consider forming a partnership with you. Plus, your followers will be highly entertained by great and creative videos.

You should also try uploading videos daily if you’re just starting. Consistency is key when it comes to beginners trying to make a name for themselves. Don’t forget to also interact with your audience and ask them for feedback and ideas, this way they know they’re important to you and you listen to them.


A surefire way TikTok users from all over the globe will get to see your video is by giving it hashtags kind of like how you trend something on Twitter. Popular generic hashtags include #foryoupage or #fyp so your video lands on the coveted For You Page on TikTok ensuring more people see it, #tiktokph for Pinoys, and other generic hashtags according to your video.


Collaborate with other TikTokers

Literally everyone is on TikTok

Know another TikTok user that has more followers than you? Approach them to collaborate on a video! This will be mutually beneficial since followers from both accounts will be able to see the content and are likely to click on your profile.


The real reason TikTokers earn money is through ads and sponsorships they make via partnerships with brands. Take TikTok user Anthony Reyes for example, he was approached by a brand to create a dance challenge for their song and he was paid Php 5,000 for the video. Reyes has over 10k followers and 131k likes on his TikTok profile.

Promote products or services in your videos and take advantage of cross-promotion. This means if you have a huge YouTube channel or Instagram profile, use these to drive the audience to your TikTok profile or vice versa.

Grow your TikTok profile and hang in there, eventually, sponsorships will come and you’ll finally see the reason why you ventured into making an account in the first place.

Got any other money-making tips for TikTok users?


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