Download and Install Google Pixel Stock ROM (Official Sailfish Factory

Download and Install Google Pixel Stock ROM Official Sailfish Factory Images

Facing problem with your Google Pixel smartphone and factory reset didn’t work? Then, here is another way to reset and update Google Pixel Phone via flashing Google Pixel Stock ROM – Official Sailfish Factory images.

The new Google Pixel is one of the best smartphones in the market carrying high-end specs and pure Android experience. However, sometimes it may happen that you might end up with the problems which can’t be easily gone. Say, your phone starts lagging in between, open apps taking much time than regular, getting some error pop-ups like “this app won’t run unless you update Google Play Services” or “Unfortunately Google play store has been stopped”, etc. No doubt, you can resolve it just by removing or updating Google Play Services APK or any other apps; but still, if you are facing any of the problems, then you must reset Google Pixel to Factory settings just by downloading and install Google Pixel Stock ROM – Official Sailfish Factory Images.

Google Pixel Official Stock Firmware

Here, we are going to show the step-by-step guide on how to download and install Google Pixel Official Stock Firmware. However, the procedure is quite long so please make sure that you don’t miss out any of the steps or you may brick your smartphone. So, let’s head over to the guide!

You can also reset Google Pixel Verizon variant using Verizon Pixel Official Stock ROM / Firmware from Google Factory Images.

Note that this is an Official Stock ROM / firmware for Google Pixel Phone Verizon distributed by Google, and so you won’t lose your smartphone warranty.

Important Things to Check:

  • Charge your Google Pixel to 70 – 80%.
  • Make sure you have enabled USB Debugging on Pixel smartphone.
  • Pixel Bootloader should be in an unlocked state. If not, unlock Pixel Bootloader from here.
  • Take a backup of your important stuff.

Step 1) Get the appropriate ‘Google Pixel Stock ROM / Firmware‘ and ‘Fastboot and ADB Drivers‘ files from the below link.

Step 2) Unzip downloaded files on your desktop.

Step 3) Navigate to the folder where you have extracted “Fastboot and ADB Drivers“.

Step 4) From there, open the command prompt by pressing “Left Shift + Right Click” and choose “open command window here“.

Step 5) Now connect your device with your PC using original USB data cable and make sure, you authorize “USB Debugging Mode.“

Step 6) Once your device is successfully connected, reboot Google Pixel to fastboot / bootloader mode by typing below command in the command prompt.

  • adb reboot bootloader

Step 7) Once you are in bootloader mode:

  • For Windows users, run flash-all script file to start installing Google Pixel Official Nougat Firmware.
  • For Mac users, Open “Terminal > Navigate to the folder and type ‘./‘”

Step 8) Finally, you can see that your Google Pixel is resetting to Factory settings. The process will take 5 – 6 minutes, and once it’s completed, the device will be automatically rebooted.

As this is the first time you are starting your Google Pixel Phone, so it will take some more time to boot-up than usual. Please have some patience.

So, this is how you can download and flash Google Pixel Stock Official Firmware ROM. Let me know if you face any problem in following any of the above steps.

Download Needed Files:

  • Fastboot and ADB Drivers
Android VersionVariantDownload
Nougat 7.1.2GlobalLink
Nougat 7.1.2T-Mobile, Fi carriersLink
Nougat 7.1.2Deutsche TelekomLink
Nougat 7.1.2VerizonLink
Oreo 8.1GlobalLink
Oreo 8.0Bell, Telus, Telstra, TMO, Sprint, USCC, Rogers/FidoLink
Oreo 8.0Fi/CanadaLink
Oreo 8.1O2/UK onlyLink
Pie 9.0GlobalLink
Pie 9.0TelusLink
Pie 9.0VerizonLink


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