Download XAPK Installer 2.2 for Android

XAPK file installation utility
XAPK Installer is a free mobile tool for installing compressed APK files. It scans, extracts, and handles the installation on your smartphone, and helps you delete the files when you no longer need them.
Easy XAPK management
APK files are the standard format for installing apps on Android smartphones. However, you often have to get OBB files separately due to the size. Together, they can get too big to operate smoothly.
XAPK is a zip format that keeps all app data in a single file to facilitate installations. If you’re downloading an XAPK file, it contains both OBB and APK parts, as well as cache, icon, and miscellaneous information in the same repository.
It’s often a better idea to get an XAPK app since they also tend to be safer. Big-size file formats can suffer more malware exposure. Going for a single zip file improves your smartphone security.
How it works
When you launch this tool, it scans your smartphone and SD card for any XAPK file and previews it. If you wish to install it, this program automatically extracts the relevant OBB data and gives you an option to choose a storage location. Then, it establishes the app from the APK itself.
You can safely use this app on Android or emulators as long as you’re getting your apps from reliable sources. It went through scans by various antivirus apps.
Since default installers only handle regular APK installations, having specialised software such as XAPK installer can help you take care of this format much more comfortably.
Useful to an extent
XAPK Installer is an excellent solution for people who often deal with third-party XAPK files. However, you’ll need a separate tool to see the app’s configuration and details, which reduces the practicality of this app.

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