Fifty Ways to Make Money During The COVID-19 Quarantine

Krista Mollion

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We are entering a recession and need to be ready to diversify and expand our income sources so this is the best time to create an online business Here are 50 ideas for instant cashflow without leaving your house or investing a lot of money to set up:

1/ Are you fit? Teach exercise classes online for a fixed price per class. That way, your friends can drop in. Same idea for fitness coaching. You could do 1:1, group, or set workshops. Or take it up a notch and create a course!

2/ Do you consider yourself a healthy cook? You don’t have to be a professional chef to teach healthy cooking and nutrition classes for a fixed price per class. That way, your friends can drop in. Same idea for nutrition coaching. You could do 1:1, group, or set workshops. Or take it up a notch and create a course!

3/ Do you speak a second language? Now is a great time to teach. Go to a forum where there are a lot of parents and offer your services. Or maybe you want to teach seniors. Or maybe business professionals. Find the forums where your niche hangs out and make a great offer!

4/ Kids are all home and bored! How about some online babysitting? Create a fun craft or baking channel and set your age groups. Let parents pay by class.

5/ Are you great with or an expert in a particular software? Host a class with live QA. For many, watching free videos is not enough. It is priceless to have 1:1 guidance and personalized demos.

6/ Can you write a great resumé? Set up a service and maybe do a few for free to build experience. Now is the perfect time to help others with their resumes.

7/ Do you have a way with words? Get into copywriting! Offer public figures or small business owners to review their websites and help take their content up a notch.

8/ How are your graphic design skills? If you have a natural talent for making visuals that look professional and stand out, offer to create graphics for your friends’ websites, then make your offer public and paid.

9/ Host a free virtual summit that builds your email list and included some paid offers for attendees.

10/ Do you have a Youtube channel or are good with video editing? Offer a tutorial or done-for-you services or audits.

11/ Got a podcast? Create a mastermind for beginners and advanced. Offer done-for-you services or audits.

12/ Are you good with fashion? Put together 3 outfits — professional, casual, and evening and set up a class around it. Don’t forget accessories!

13/ Are you super organized? Does your house or apartment look like out of a magazine? Host a live masterclass on how to organize. Even better, create a series by room or theme.

14/ Do you know how to host a great party? Are your parties the ones your friends look forward to most? Host a class where you teach how to plan and host the best party of the year.

15/ Are you a traveler? Teach people how to research and book great deals and find cool destinations, and how to prepare best for a trip.

16/ Are you a natural on social media? Do you have a large, active following on one or more platforms? Host some classes with tips and step-by-step instructions. Offer 1:1 coaching and channel audits too.

17/ Can you take amazing photos? Share your tips! Host a paid class or create a course.

18/ Do you love email, social media, communication, are savvy with a computer and super organized? Become a virtual assistant! Who doesn’t need extra cash right now? Plus, you can work with some cool business owners and learn a lot.

19/ Are you a teacher or educator? Create learning plan templates for parents who homeschool and sell them online.

20/ Are you great with money? Maybe you know how to whip up a smart budget or have more financial education than the average American. Offer your financial services!

21/ Can you build websites? Almost everyone wants a website so now would be a great time to offer your paid help.

22/ Got Mail? Email marketing comes naturally to some and is a nightmare for others. If you love sending mail, offer your done-for-you services!

23/ Have You Ever Hosted a Conference? Build a guide to setting up and running an online conference, put together templates and/or a course to help others.

24/ Have you written a book? Create downloadable videos, templates, checklists, or even an ebook how to write a book.

25/ Have you been published in major publications? Others are dying to know how to get in. Create a masterclass or ebook.

26/ Are you a master of video? Many people need help with their video strategy. Offer 1:1, group, courses, or a membership to teach them how.

27/ Is your background in Marketing? For many small business owners, Marketing is a hassle and a mystery. Offer consulting or done-for-you Marketing services.

28/ Do you manage remote teams (or have in the past)? Put together a class for managers. All this is new to many and they need the guidance.

29/ Do you homeschool? Set up a paid parent membership site and provide ongoing support and practical advice.

30/ Are you an artist, illustrator, or cartoonist? Teach online classes for kids or adults.

31/ Do you take care of little kids? Create a virtual preschool membership site for families complete with schedules, educational activites, and fun.

32/ Do you have a beautiful voice? Offer voiceover services for podcasts and narrations.

33/ Are you a professional in your field (7+ years of experience)? Host a class or offer 1:1 coaching for new professionals to teach them all your tips.

34/ Do you run a successful online business? Prepare a class to teach others your tips.

35/ Are you a lawyer? Now might be a great time to take your business online if possible. You may be able to create an e-guide for your specialty or paid contract templates.

36/ Do you cook really well? Create a cooking channel and charge a low fee to access videos and recipes.

37/ Are you in Real Estate? Potential and existing home owners all want your advice. Write an e-book or produce a course tailored towards different needs or create a live class to answer common questions.

38/ Are you an investor or financial planner? People need you! Please consider offering 1:1 or group coaching, writing an e-book, or creating master classes for financial planning and investing.

39/ Do you work at a really cool company? Host a live paid QA online to talk about your job and give advice how to land a job like yours.

40/ Do you have an amazing profession? Maybe you do something a bit unusual but super fun that will leave others green with envy. Host an online class to discuss it and give advice.

41/ Are you a musician? Create a fun music class for kids, either a one-time or a membership. Kids are at home and parents need you.

42/ Are you a yoga instructor? Take your business online. You can create a channels with classes and a membership.

43/ Are you a good writer? Offer proofreading or editing services.

44/ Ads. Offer small businesses to set up and complete their online profiles on Google and Yelp.

45/ Online File Management. Offer online businesses to categorize, rename, compress and clean up their graphic files, photos, and videos. It is a big job that most people procrastinate on but these files take up too much space in the cloud.

46/ Become a Social Media Manager. Offer online businesses set up their social media platform (examples Hubspot or Hootsuite) and organize their content ready for scheduling for the next 3 months.

47/ Design Book, Course, Youtube Channel and Podcast Covers and Thumbnails. You will get a ton of clients plus this is often an ongoing need.

48/ Are you a savvy shopper? Show people how to save money. I would pay to know how to spend less every month on my bills.

49/ Hardware Consulting. Become an online consultant, shopper and/or ecommerce owner for video, audio, or photo equipment setups. People need expert guidance what to buy.

50/ Membership Sites. Start a paid online support group or community for almost anything. Membership sites are the future and a great source of semi-passive income.

Krista Mollion helps new and aspiring business owners launch successful businesses. Reach out to find out more about her coaching and mastermind programs and follow her for more business and mindset tips.


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