Four ways to make money during quarantine

The implementation of quarantine and social distancing has transformed most people’s work lives into something unfamiliar by setting people back concerned with losing hours, suffering pay cuts or worrying about unemployment. However, there are still a variety of resources for additional income that adhere to social distancing rules and could ease the tensions plenty of students are feeling at this time. Here’s some ideas to pursue during your spare time in quarantine to rake in some extra money:


Sell your old stuff

With stores closed down across the country, many consumers are utilizing the Internet for their shopping needs, and it’s very likely your piles of junk contain items that other people are willing to buy. Take a day to go through the clutter in your closet, collect all the stuff you’ve been cramming under your bed and put aside the items you no longer need in your life. There’s plenty of options to make money from home by selling online — your trash could be somebody else’s treasure.

Poshmark and Depop are clothing-selling websites where users can set up their own virtual store and post listings for their unwanted garments and accessories. The platforms provide a simple format for listing products, allowing you full control over cost, communication and shipping. Once a product has sold, you package and ship it off to the buyer, while your profits immediately transfer to your preferred payment system. It’s an easy way to make money while clearing out your closet at the same time.

Decluttr acts as a marketplace for selling technology, DVDs, books and other products for entertainment and information (think college textbooks you no longer need, movies you no longer watch or an old cell phone back from the Flappy Bird days). Search the items you want to sell, and Decluttr will instantly provide you a price they will pay in exchange. This virtual marketplace will also provide free shipping label for packaging and shipping the items. Pick your preferred payment method and you’ll receive money for your old junk the next day.

Deliver food and groceries

Delivering food is an excellent way to get out of the house and interact with people while simultaneously making money. Some people aren’t comfortable doing their shopping in crowded grocery stores or leaving their house just to pick up a carry-out meal and return. Delivery services have become increasingly popular in its place as a safe practice for social distancing and quarantining rules.

Popular food-delivery platforms such as PostMates, DoorDash and GrubHub have implemented new no-contact services to prevent spread of sickness through close proximity and physical contact. Delivery drivers will leave orders on the doorsteps of customers instead of handing it to them directly in an effort to keep both parties safe. Sign on to the platforms to get connected with customers and pick up their meals from a variety of local restaurants to be delivered. It’s an easy way to get paid and (bonus!) it includes tips as well.

Instacart is a platform that pays you to shop. Once signed on as a full-service shopper, the grocery-delivery platform connects you with a customer’s order for groceries at some of their favorite stores, giving you the ability to explore different places around town and provide food and other necessities to people all across your community. Even better, you can adjust your own schedule to make deliveries when you feel like it, allowing complete flexibility and control.

Go freelance

Freelancers are special in that they work completely for themselves rather than for a company, setting their own hours, rates and handling all customer interaction themselves. A variety of aptitudes can be utilized in freelancing, from artistry to data entry to proofreading, and each is a pathway to creating your own independently run business.

Assess the skills and talents you possess and challenge yourself to put it to work during your spare time! For beginners, Freelancer is a reputable website for hiring freelance workers. Users can build a strong profile to highlight their abilities and navigate through a plethora of job postings related to their desired work. Postings are clear about their expectations for different projects and provide upfront what they’re willing to pay in exchange.

Make money off your opinion

Online surveys have skyrocketed in popularity by Internet users looking to make some extra cash because public opinion is high in demand. Various companies seek out the point of view of people just like you to review new products and business ideas or to get a consensus for market research. The best part? Companies are willing to pay participants up to a few dollars in exchange.It’s minimal work for minimal pay but is still able to put some extra money in the bank.


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