Garena Free Fire Game Play Online For Free

Another heated royal battle is waiting for you on a wild island where a total of fifty players are about to see who is the strongest and the luckiest! This battle is called Garena Free Fire. After a parachute jump to the ground, you have to take care of your own survival – hide in shelters, take possession of weapons, equipment, vehicles and other means of life support, simultaneously entering into skirmishes and fist fights with opponents. There are no friends and allies, only enemies. You’re on your own and everyone else is against you.
Get ready for a thrilling fight!
Garena Free Fire players are live people, there are no bots. Initially, everyone has equal chances of winning, but in the process of passing the game, each forms their own “reserve of strength”: they accumulate experience, currency, equipment, stock up with weapons and ammunition, which gives them certain advantage over the others. The last survivor becomes the winner and receives maximum bonuses. That, it its turn, significantly increases their odds in the next round. This means the more time you devote to the game, the closer your victory is. There are no rigid rules, no prewritten script – only the ultimate goal, it’s up to you to decide how to achieve it. So, let’s start!
The first thing you’re going to do is create a character, male or female. You will be able to change their appearance in the future – for example, make it more inconspicuous so as not to attract the attention of rivals. Before the start of the game, your hero can be equipped with inventory (equipment, first-aid kit, cartridges) to gain more chances of survival immediately after landing on the island.
Hide, run, shoot!
So how do the battles run? Your character can move around the playing field running at full height, sneaking half-sitting and crawling on his stomach. They also know how to overcome obstacles by jumping and inflict fatal punches on rivals, and, in the presence of weapons, shoot. When flying over the map in a plane, your task is to jump in a relatively safe place, where there are many shelters and just a few opponents. Inside the many structures and in secluded corners of an open area lie weapons and valuables that you can take hold of. Those are guns of different types, cartridges, sights and other attachables, body armor and helmets of several levels, backpacks and bags of different capacities for carrying things, first aid kits for healing wounds and prolonging life, and cars that can be used as murder weapons and quick vehicles to rescue yourself from attackers. Things of the killed character pass into the use of the one who killed him.
In the upper left corner of the screen is a map showing your location and the boundaries of the safe zone (indicated by a white circle), which will soon begin to narrow. As it becomes just a small circle, survivors gather on one section of the island. This is where the most hardcore and fascinating action takes place. Are you ready for it? Are you wiling to fight until the very last bullet in your cartridge? Then play Garena Free Fire online and enjoy the adrenaline!

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