How to Make Money (for Teenagers)

How to Make Money (for Teenagers)

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    “I really like this article because it is extremely hard to find work around at my age. While yes, for some it comes easily, it’s not the case for me because I have quite a few limitations. I really like this article because it has many options.”…” more

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    “I really liked your thought on earning and saving money. In this way, you help us teenagers realize the actual worth of money, and also give us a push to experience what this world really is. I am glad that I came across these tips.”…” more

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    “This article really helped me and gave me a chance to earn money. This kind of website is really important for youngsters and teens, it helps them think about their future and makes them believe that they can earn money easily. “…” more

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    “This helped me because I’m trying to raise money for cheer and other things. As a 14-year-old, that is hard because you are not “old enough” to work at a real job. Now I have some ideas of how I can earn money.”…” more

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    “I already thought of saving money, but after putting the money into my savings, I never had any spare spending money. I’m definitely going to try putting away only about half of the money I make.”…” more

  • Destiny Childers

    “I am also 14, like many people who asked questions about jobs for 14 year olds. The responses helped me out and the wide variety of jobs opened my mind to more choices of work for my age.”…” more

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    “I’m 12 and I really am a business person. I want to be just like my parents, but I’m too young for a real job. I’m so grateful for this article. It really inspires kids and teens like me.”…” more

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    “This helped me by telling me how to save, and it gave a lot of ideas, because I am saving up to get a certain computer.”…” more

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    “This helped me a lot since I’m a teenager and I really need some of money so I can go shopping with my friends!!”

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    “The tips about making and selling crafts and photos, and saving as much as possible really helped. Thank you.”

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    “This website is easy and very helpful. I’m 14, and because of the good advice, I’m making 20 dollars a day.”

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    “The online sites mostly helped, didn’t know there were so many. And safe things to do helped.”

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    “Those steps in Method 1 aren’t useful in my country, so the steps in Method 2 helped me more.”

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    “One tip that helped me a lot was selling old clothes you don’t wear anymore.”

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