How to Make Money with Cash App (3 Legit Ways)


The Cash app is owned by Square, which is created by Jack Dorsey. The Cash app is basically a digital wallet on your smartphone device. You can deposit money into the app, and pay people by scanning QR codes or by sending it to their Cash app username address. This is very much similar to Venmo, PayPal, Payoneer, etc.

3 Ways to Make Money with Cash App

  • REFER A FRIEND – The first way to earn money is to simply invite a friend with your referral code. Just by referring a friend who links their debit card within 14 days can earn you $5 for free. You will also receive your very own referral link that you can send out on your social media or via text message. For maximum results, make sure your code is entered on your referrals code tab. Click here to download Cash app and use code BVBJSVS for a $5 Reward.
  • INVEST IN STOCKS– You can invest in stocks with the Cash app under stocks tab. The amount of money you can earn varies on which companies you plan on investing. This is very similar to the Robinhood Investing app. The best thing about investing in stocks with Cash app is that you don’t have to buy the whole stock. For example, Tesla is $500 a share, you can buy a fraction of a share for $1. This is great for beginners learning about stocks.
  • INVEST IN BITCOIN – Did you know you could also buy Bitcoin with Cash app? Bitcoin also moves up and down much like stocks. So if you can buy bitcoin at a low price and could trade it for cash for a higher price. Remember with stocks and bitcoin you need money to make money. So invest carefully, only buy in what you can afford to lose.


Make Money by Watching Funny Videos

Would you like to get paid to watch funny videos on your phone? Introducing the TikTok alternative called Zynn. This is free for iOS and Android users on Google Play and App Store. When you join Zynn, you will be able to create your own funny videos much like TikTok. Everytime you watch someone else’s video, you will get paid via coins. The coins are redeemed into cash rewards such as PayPal, Amazon, Walmart, Target, and so much more. Click here to download and Zynn and use code GC6856W and watch videos to earn a $6 Bonus by entering refer code and watching videos to activate.

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