How to reinstall .NET Framework 4/4.6 on Windows 10?

How to reinstall .NET Framework 4/4.6 on Windows 10?

If .NET Framework is broken or anything they let you download their installer (offline/web) but it doesn’t work, you just bounce back a message that current or later version is already installed and it stops you from reinstalling.

I need this to fix broken fonts issue after latest Creators update.

Reference to my previous question: PowerShell font Terminal is broken after Windows 10 Creators update

And read one of the answers:

It happened before. An update affected a MOF file in the build package, the update breaking PowerShell DSC. The ASCII chars are proof of DSC corruption. Uninstall and reinstall .net Framework. Also, The .NET framework repair tool may fix the issue. you can get ithere

That repair tool legit does nothing and it also tells you to reinstall net framework, but its not even possible to do it on Windows 10.

Also there is no .NET framework under installed programs or updates or anywhere to uninstall it.

Running the .NET Cleaning Utility and unticking .NET Framework 3.5 and 4 under Programs and Features still blocks from installing from offline/web installer: enter image description here

By nothing I mean at the end of the day I fail to run the web or offline installer of net framework 4/4.5/4.6

UPDATE: Irrelevant now, latest updates fixed the fonts error.


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