How To Run PHP From Windows Command Line in WAMPServer

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UPDATED After few research, best solution was to use that info another stackoverflow thread to avoid ctrl+z input and also from the scree output. So, instead of php -a you should use call “php.exe” -f NAMED_SCRIPT.php

OLD Readline not possible under Windows, so none of existent php shells written in php will work. But there’s a workaround using -a interactive mode.

2 commmon problems here. You cannot see result until executes CTRL Z command to indicate the final of code/file like EOF. When you do, result in most cases is printed result and fast closed window. Anyway, you will be returned to cmd not the -a interactive mode.

Save this content into a .bat file, and define your PHP PATH into Windows variables, or modify php.exe to “full path to exe” instead:

:: :: PHP Shell launch wrapper :: @ECHO off call “php.exe” -a echo. echo. call “PHP Shell.bat”

This is a simple Batch launching -a mode of php.exe. When it launchs php, stop script even no pause is wrote because is “into” the interactive waiting for input. When you hit CTRL Z, gets the SIGSTEP (next step) not the SIGSTOP (close, CTRL+C usually), then read the next intruction, wich is a recursive call to .bat itself. Because you’re always into PHP -a mode, no exit command. You must use CTRL+C or hit the exit cross with mouse. (No alt+f4)

You can also use “Bat to Exe” converter to easy use.


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