Samsung Galaxy S10+ overview: Features, specs and price

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ was introduced in February 2019 at the Galaxy Unpacked event. The Galaxy S10+ is one of a few devices that were announced as part of the Galaxy S10 family, and it is likely the model to choose if you want something in the Galaxy S10 lineup and you are looking for the biggest display available.
The Galaxy S10+ began shipping in March 2019, which was a few weeks after the initial announcement. Samsung released the Galaxy S10+ with Android 9 Pie and version 1.1 of the Samsung One UI and made the Android 10 and One UI v2.0 update available in November 2019.
The Galaxy S10 series, as the 10 in the name suggests, serves as the 10th anniversary of the Galaxy S line. The Galaxy S10+, in particular, arrived with a solid list of specs including a 6.4-inch Quad HD display, up to 1 TB of internal storage, and a five-camera arrangement between the front and read. It also has a starting price point of $999.99.
Galaxy S10+: Size and color
The plus in the name is due to the size of the display, and also the overall size of the phone. The Galaxy S10+ is taller, wider and heavier as compared to the Galaxy S10, and even more so when compared to the Galaxy S10e. Similar to users choosing the S10e if they want an S10 and are on a budget — the Galaxy S10+ is the clear option if you want an S10 and want the biggest display.
The Galaxy S10+ sports a 6.4-inch Quad HD+ Dynamic AMOLED display at 3040 x 1440. For comparison, the S10 has a 6.1-inch display and the S10e has a 5.8-inch display. Because of the larger display, the S10+ is larger in terms of both the height and width. The Galaxy S10+ measures in at 6.20-inches (H) × 2.92-inches (W) × 0.31-inches (D), which has it 0.3 inches taller than the S10 and 0.6 inches taller than the S10e.
As far as the colors go — you can expect the same four colors we’ve seen with the Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy S10e, as well as two additional colors. The Galaxy S10+ is available in Prism White, Prism Black, Prism Blue, Flamingo Pink, Ceramic White, and Ceramic Black.
Galaxy S10+: Specs
6.4” Quad HD + Dynamic AMOLED display (525ppi and 19:9 aspect ratio)
Gorilla Glass 6
Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor
8 GB or 12 GB RAM
128 GB, 512 GB or 1 TB internal storage
microSD card slot (support for cards up to 512 GB)
4100 mAh battery
Ultrasonic in-display fingerprint ID
WiFi 6
Bluetooth 5
157.6 x 74.1 x 7.8 mm (6.2” x 2.92” x 0.31”)
175 grams (6.17 ounces)
Galaxy S10+: Camera

Samsung touts the Galaxy S10+ as having a “pro-grade camera that sees what you see.” You’ll find a five-camera setup on the Galaxy S10+ with three rear-facing cameras and two front-facing cameras. The specifics for the camera setup are noted below:
Rear-12 MP dual-aperture (f/1.5 & f/2.4) with optical image stabilization
Rear-12 MP telephoto 45 degree field of view (f/2.4) with optical image stabilization (with 2x optical zoom)
Rear-16 MP ultra-wide 123 degree field of view (f/2.2) fixed-focus
Front-10 MP dual-pixel (f/1.9) with auto-focus
Front-8 MP (f/2.2) with auto-focus
Samsung also has several software-related camera features, such as Shot Suggestion and Flaw Detection, which should both help to ensure the user captures better images. You will also find an Advanced Scene Optimizer, which Samsung has said will help to optimize color according to the subject.
Along with the features for images, you’ll also find some perks in terms of video. For example, the rear-facing camera can capture HDR+ video, which can be viewed on the S10+ display that offers an HDR10+ viewing experience. Another video feature is video stabilization on the rear-facing camera through a feature Super Steady.
Galaxy S10+: Features
The Galaxy S9+ remains a solid device, however, the Galaxy S10+ offers some improvements that make it worth considering an upgrade. For starters, the battery jumps from a 3500 mAh battery to a 4100 mAh battery, and the RAM goes from 6 GB to either 8 GB or 12 GB. The display size goes from a 6.2” AMOLED at (2960 x 1440) to a 6.4” AMOLED at (3040 x 1440), and the processor also takes a step going from a Snapdragon 845 to a Snapdragon 855.
Internal storage options also increased with quite a bit more being available on the Galaxy S10+. The Galaxy S10+ has options for 128 GB, 512 GB, and 1 TB, while the Galaxy S9+ topped out at 256 GB on the high-end. And, along with the (up to) 1TB of internal storage — you can further boost that by adding up to 512 GB using the microSD card slot.
Of course, some features will carry over from the Galaxy S9+ such as the IP 68 rating, and the USB-C and fast charging. Both the S9+ and the S10+ also have fast wireless charging, however, the Galaxy S10+ increases the wireless charging to version 2.0 and also adds in Wireless PowerShare. The Wireless PowerShare means your Galaxy S10+ can be used to charge other devices such as a watch, headphones, or even another phone.
Samsung opted to drop the iris scanner on the Galaxy S10+. The capacitive fingerprint sensor was also dropped in favor of the new in-display fingerprint reader.
We’ve already mentioned a bit about the Galaxy S10+ camera, however, this is also an area that saw some improvements as compared to the Galaxy S9+. As a starting point, the Galaxy S10+ added a second front-facing camera, whereas the Galaxy S9+ only had a single 8 MP (f1.7) with auto-focus. In terms of the rear-facing camera setup, the Galaxy S9+ had a dual-lens camera setup that included a 12 MP (f/1.5 & f/2.4) along with a 12 MP (f/2.4) with optical image stabilization. Essentially, this means the Galaxy S10+ added a new lens on the front and rear, which brought some notable improvements.
Galaxy S10+: Models
Similar to the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10e, Samsung is offering the Galaxy S10+ in an unlocked version, as well as in several carrier versions. The Unlocked Galaxy S10+ is the SM-G975U1. The carrier models, which include Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and US Cellular are the SM-G975U.
Looking outside the US market and you will also find the SM-G975F and the SM-G975W, which are both unlocked international models. Samsung also released the SM-G975F/DS. The F/DS is an unlocked international model with a dual-SIM setup.
Galaxy S10+: Pricing
The Galaxy S10+ is available with three different storage options, 128 GB, 512 GB, or 1 TB. Samsung has the handset available unlocked, or in the carrier version, and pricing begins at $999.99 for the 128 GB model and goes up to $1,599.99 for the 1 TB model. The complete pricing breakdown is detailed below:
Unlocked (128 GB) – $999.99
Unlocked (512 GB) – $1249.99
Unlocked (1 TB) – $1599.99
Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, US Cellular (128 GB) – $999.99
Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, US Cellular (512 GB) – $1249.99
Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, US Cellular (1 TB) – $1599.99
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