Samsung Galaxy S8 photo, specs, and price

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This is my second Galaxy. I had a Note 4 for 3 years. When the battery began to give (after 3 years!), and the giant size started to wear on me (it barely fits in blue jeans pockets), I looked for a smaller, sleeker model. I should start off by saying that I dropped my Note 4 literally hundreds of times, from several feet, on pavement, concrete and tiled floors. The glass did not crack, because the phone has an actual non-glass structure around the perimeter. Imagine that!Now, fast forward to a few months back. I bought a Galaxy S8, which runs fine, and the battery life is pretty good (compared to the Note 4, certainly) and the “ecosystem” of apps is pretty much the same as any Android phone.But here’s the thing. I’ve had this phone for 2 months, dropped it twice ***from less than half a foot*** (that’s 4-6in) a couple of times when it slipped from my fingers, and the glass around the edges has ***shattered every time***. It is just smashed in and has left a crushed appearance around the edges. And hairline cracks have spread to the front of the screen and the back. That’s right: the BACK OF THE PHONE IS MADE OF GLASS. I mean W…T….F-ing…F?! The back of the phone is glass?!! Lovely.If you are considering this phone, make sure to get a monthly protection plan, a case and, dear God, don’t every, EVER drop the thing from more than 1-2in, because it’ll shatter on impact, and the cracks will spread across the whole screen, and across the back of the phone. Again, get a case, a screen guard, and a warranty or protection plan, or, better yet, GET A DIFFERENT PHONE.

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