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Welcome to the world for SHAREit App which will help you get shareit for Android which is absolutely free and without paying anything on all the version of Android, iOS,  iPad, PC / Laptop , Windows, I kindly request you to follow the complete guide which we have given here.
SHAREit Download
You need to be double sure while installing any app or game using its APK, because the source APK file may contain malicious code, and may ruin the privacy and security of your device. But, in this SHAREit App you can be 100% sure for everything that we give you with pure and complete guide to download and install the Lenovo SHAREit Now !!! Let me tell you that due to the fastest technology revolution in this app world and smartphone culture and the in-numerous users this version is launched by the official developers of this app because previously this app was only available for Android, iPhone & Windows Phone.
We all know that this has made our life so much easy because we can easily share files like images, videos, music, etc from one mobile phone to another without any limitations of operating systems like transferring files from Android to iPhone is very easy and fast now.
Shareit APK Download
You Can download the latest Shareit v5.1.58 app for free here and check out the latest Shareit app .. get the awesome app of the file-sharing here with just one click below …
SHAREit File Info

App Name
File Type
Supported Devices
Android 4.0+
Last Updated on
1 day Ago
File type support
SHAREit supports all kinds of file transfers, including MP3, MP4, GIF, DOC, PDF, and AVI. Share music files, video files, image files, contacts, apps, and file folders from one device to another using SHAREit.
You can send multiple files at a time to various devices. You can share files as small as 1MB to as large as 10GB over this app. Languages supported, & available in 45 words and over 200 countries worldwide.
SHAREit Download (.apk)
How to Use the SHAREit :
SHAREit app is for all your app, image, video, and infinite file receiver and send for all your friends and buddies where you can get the unlimited rappo within a few seconds more than 200x faster than any other file sharing devices in this world at the same time you can check out the steps to use this one
Download the SHAREit on your latest device { You check direct Download links for the SHAREit App at the END of this post }
Open the App on your device and once the app is running on your phone, you can find any other person on the mobile screen, who is also having the same app, and can begin with the file-sharing things. You can share the complete file, or folders and that too instantly.
If you want to send the files through shareit app you can tap on “SEND“
If you want to receive the files through shareit app you can tap on “RECEIVE“
 The app uses Wi-Fi Direct technology which is safe because it creates a private connection between the two devices.
Now, this inter-phone connection is never shared with anyone else, thus stopping from anyone / any other user to eavesdropping on anything you’re doing ahead.
The transfer speed is really far better for you to get is far better than what USB connection offers for high-end PC’s can easily get into this SHAREit app, which is another reason why you should be using it.

You can download the app directly from the below link. You might have got a doubt that we all use Google Play Store and why this site and all to get the Shareit Download but I have a relevant answer for it that if you are gonna use the Play store for particular devices which are not on the app availability list of SHAREit Developer you can download and install from the play store facing the Playstore error on your mobile, many of the top companies android based tablets and mobile phone undergone this category and that is why we are giving you the free original software here to enjoy unlimited sharing from Shareit
If you are of the below category mobile(s) user you can directly download the apk for the link given above directly.
SHAREit for HTC, MotoG series,  Lenovo Tablet, Asus, Redmi,  Xioami, Samsung, Nokia X,  Karbonn,  Micromax,  One Plus 6,  One Plus 7t, SHAREit for Vivo,  Oppo.. all of the above category people just follow the link below for free.
Installation Guide
This is for all the android users who are unable to download the app on their mobile just get this apk now and enjoy free file from above now and start sharing !!!
All the thing is security issue that you need to do small changes in your mobile settings as we are proving you the original APK file for free you can enjoy the app completely without any Ads

Go To  –> Settings in your mobile

Move to –> Application Settings

Enable –> “ Unknown Sources “ so that the externally downloaded share it application be installed on your mobile for free all this you can do before downloading the apk link given below :

How To Send Files from SHAREit App
One can easily send/receive files/data from one device to another device by using this Shareit App with the simple and fast following the below steps.
Open the App already installed on your Android phones
Click on “ Send “ button / Choose Send Option on the screen
Now, you have to select the files/ data/ app/ images/ videos which you want to send to another device and then click on the Next button.
Now your Shareit app will search for nearby Shareit enabled devices and will ask to connect to them / not.
Tap on the device icon that you want to send files from shareit.
Now open Shareit app on any other device and click on the Receive button.
That’s it this is a very simple way to send and receive files from any device to your android mobile.
Supported Languages
You might think for a minute for how to download? why download? Only this SHAREit App and why not any other app? So, here you can check out the best ever application.
Sharing: You can share or transfer files at any time at high speeds which is 200x faster than any other file sharing application, with your friends and enjoy it. There are very few restrictions in this app which makes it the only app which user-friendly.

Secure and Private: This app is completely safe and helps you protect your privacy.
User-Friendly: The app is very easy to use. You want to share any file, that can be done in a few clicks. Remember the days you connect your mobile to another device using Bluetooth and how tedious it was. Those days are gone. SHAREit just changed the process of sharing and transferring files from one device to another.
Unlimited Video Playback: Get all your favorite Music and many more videos out there for free with unlimited streaming of news and movies on Shareit

Discover The trending Music: Listen to the latest sensations and free music on shareit now for free with this application now.

This is very privilege to us that Lenovo company have come up with a great app like the shareit app to give fast sharing experience for all it’s costumers so let’s all use this in a proper way we are here to explain you the way to download and install  on iOS also !! Stay tuned to our blog more updates on the share it and check out the for windows / share it for pc already published previously !! This is all you can get the SHAREit app that is the place where you can download and send the best and huge files ever on the smartphone there may be many applications that you have seen earlier !!
Official Download Links for:
Android | iOS | Windows |Microsoft Store
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