SuperSU Root Download v2

How to Use SuperSU APK on Android Nougat?
ADB tool
Official Android updated device that is rooted
TWRP recovery
Download SuperSU APK latest version
Make sure the device is connected to the PC
If done, follow the steps as follows.
Step 01: Boot the device into bootloader
Step 02: In the prompt type as “fastboot flash recovery.img”
Step 03: Let flashing recovery.img, and switch to the recovery mode
Step 04: In the TWRP, continue to “advanced” >> “ADB sideload” and swipe to continue
Step 05: Sideload SuperSU download latest version
Step 06: Let process and reboot making SuperSU Pro successfully installed
Pros and Cons of SuperSU APK Download
Download SuperSU Root takes a lot of advantages on your device. In fact, it becomes the security guard of the device system while being the great supported in all functionality. So here we are listing down all of its advantages and disadvantages of SuperSU apk to immediately catch at a glance.
Powerful application available for free download
Can simply Deny or Allow that app permission
Let controlling all the apps that are accessed by Android system
Ensure the system security
Helps better functionality with a good control of all the apps after root
Eye-catching and all comfortable UI
Likewise, you will get prompts whenever applications try granting superuser access themselves. So in every single time, you can grant superuser permissions to all apps including those saying roo-only or could simply deny superuser permissions if you feel like you are no longer safe having the certain app installed. And if you want there is a separate option to “Remember” and make sure Superuser never going to ask for those having the rights already.
When there is a lot to talk about all its advantages, we hardly find anything that makes us unhappy working with SuperSU download. In fact, download SuperSU Root does function to what it is intended to. So rather than its so often operations in the ghost mode in the of the background of the device, there seems nothing to report as disadvantages.
What is more in SuperSU Pro Version?
Offering PIN protection.
Offers OTA survival mode.
User override on per-app basis.
Auto-deny countdown adjustments.
Advanced per-app logging configurations.
Grant or deny permission for a certain time period set.
Per-app PIN protection to ensure more security for each individual app.
Full color-coded command logging information as displays input/output and more.
SuperSU APK v2.82 is the current latest which is allowed downloading for Android 2.3 to up. So enjoy SuperSU Root and manage all your superuser privileges correctly. And do not forget to give all thanks to Chainfire for developing such an amazing free app to take after root.

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