The 9 Best Money-Making Apps of 2020

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A moneymaking app is an application you can download on your phone, tablet, or sometimes even your computer, that helps you make money in a variety of different ways. Some apps pay you a small fee to leave the app running in the background, to shop certain places, and get cash back. Others pay you to take surveys or participate in activities such as exercise. The goal is to offer a small reward or cash back from your phone and because we spend so much time on our phones, it can be a convenient way to get paid. 

Moneymaking apps vary in terms of function, how they help you make money, and also in their prices. Some apps have a small one-time fee to download and others charge a nominal monthly fee like $1. However, most moneymaking apps are free. Some apps do, however, require purchases be made to save or make you money. Make sure to read the fine print when signing up so you know what to expect, and be realistic: a moneymaking app isn’t going to replace your income, but can sometimes be a small supplement for using your phone as you normally do. 

The top 9 moneymaking apps were chosen based on the features and tools they offer, how they help you make money, the background and reputation of the company, and when and how you get paid—whether it’s in cash or gift cards, etc.


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