Top 10 Best SEO Reporting Software Reviews

1.) Rank Tracker

Keywords are very important not only to online users but to website owners and search engines. Online users type keywords on the search bar hoping to find relevant information from the billions of websites hosted online. An example of a keyword is “plumber New York.” This will display websites and blogs belonging to plumbers who have content with the above keyword.
When looking for the best search engine optimization reporting application, you need to find one with the rank tracker feature. This helps to monitor one’s SEO performance thanks to search engine rankings and the keywords. The data is presented in form of tables and charts allowing the user to make smart strategic decisions.

2.) Backlink monitor

Backlinks are vital to any content presented on a website. When you back link content, it means you are voting for the credibility of the information found on another website. The right application should allow you to track which backlinks are available, their strengths, the anchor text and more.

3.) SEO Audit Tool

An application with this feature will allow you to analyze, discover and eliminate issues that are common on a website. These issues are known to impact one’s SEO efforts. This allows you to prioritize and even tackle common issues which plague your SEO efforts.

4.) Social analytics

Social media is a vital part when it comes to internet marketing. With this feature, the user can monitor and track engagement across different social media platforms. For example Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Instagram among others.

5.) Competitors rank tracking and spying

It is important to know the level your competitors are ranked at. With this feature, you can develop SEO strategies that will help you beat your competitors allowing you to stay ahead.

6.) Web and PPC analytics

This feature allows the users to have the right information from different sources. It helps to analyze your Google analytics data, Facebook ads, Ad words and Google Webmaster tools. You don’t have to open different applications to get the reports you need anymore.

7.) Local results tracking

Your business website needs to be accessible easily to your local customers online. This feature allows you to know if your local SEO efforts are working. You can track search results at the postal code level providing you with accurate performance information.

8.) Global domain tracking

You can easily add domains or pages that you need the application to track. This can be done from any country or in any language you need. This is achievable through different search engines for example Google, Bing and Yahoo among others.

9.) 100% White label

You can add your company logo and color scheme thanks to this feature allowing it to resonate well with your business brand. This can be done across the dashboard as well as available mobile apps. If you are an SEO consultant, you can tell your clients the reports were generated in-house.

10.) Drag and Drop dashboard

The best search engine optimization reporting software needs to have an intuitive dashboard with drag and drop capability. The dashboard provides all vital information on a quick glance. You don’t have to switch between different applications to get the reports you need. For marketers, you can show clients the different metrics which demonstrates your marketing efforts.

11.) Automated reporting

You no longer have to make excel spreadsheets which take hours to complete. With the automated reporting feature, you can generate different types of reports on a particular schedule. All you need is to set different settings and you are done.

12.) Easy report customization

You can finally have the data you need on your report thanks to this feature. It helps to customize a report allowing the user to add, edit and remove elements they don’t need. This allows for brief reports that make meaning and provide useful information and insight.

13.) Easy to use

Unlike excel spreadsheets which require the manual input of data into tables and generation of different charts, the application is easy to use as all the tools require a simple click and results are provided.

14.) Beautiful reports

To make a successful presentation, you need to have easy to understand and beautifully aligned reports. The application can do this for you as the charts are drawn with different colors as well as the numbers, titles and headings. You don’t have to spend a lot of time explaining the information available.

15.) Data export

The right application should allow the user to export the reports and data generated in different formats. For example text, HTML, sql and CSV among others.

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