What is Programming Language? | Basics of Programming Language

What is Programming Language? | Basics of Programming Language

What is Programming Language

In this article, I will discuss with details what is programming language? I will discuss first programming and then language at the end I will discuss what is programming language? In this article, I will discuss almost all topics of the basics of programming language advantages disadvantages of programming language.
I will discuss the almost A to Z topics related to the programming language.

Followings are the topics that will make sense of what is programming language.

  1. What is a program in a programming language?
  2. What is a language?
  3. Types of languages
  4. What is programming language?
  5. The syntax of the language
  6. Programming Language VS Human languages
  7. Rules of the language
  8. The compiler of the language
  9. Advantage of that programming language skills
  10. Disadvantages of programing language
  11. Examples in the real life of the programming language
  12. Learning process of the language
  13. Hints on how to learn a language
  14. The Basics of the programming languages

Now I will discuss in detail the mention above topics. You will understand better about the programming language.

What is a program in programming language?

A set of instructions that gives to a computer is and the instructions followed by computer and provide us the results according to given instruction in the program. A program provides accurate results when put data to perform results.

What is a language?

The language defined by Chomsky is “a set (finite or infinite) of sentences, each finite in length and constructed out of a finite set of elements”

Languages have the following 4 things: 

  1. Read ability
  2. Write-ability
  3. Extendability
  4. Orthogonality

So we can say that a language is based on the followings

  1. Set of Alphabet,
  2. Dictionary
  3. Rules,
  4. Sentences
  5. Sentences Generation

The Sentences have two types

  1. Syntax,

The syntax of the language has the followings

  1. Alphabet
  2. Numeric
  3. Alpha Numeric
  4. Special symbols
  1. Semantics

Types of languages

  1. Informal Language
  2. Formal language

Here are details about informal and formal languages.

  • Informal Language

The informal language uses the contractions or the first person pronouns for example “I” or “We”. This language is more casual and you can say natural. This informal language is used when we communicate with our friends and our family etc.Informal language example in the computer is Work at Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint etc.

  • Formal language

The Formal language is less private than the informal language is so. Formal language does not use idioms, contractions or first-person pronoun for example ‘I’ or ‘We’ in the language. This formal language is only used in office or formal places. For example, you write an application you write a letter or any other communication in the office. In computer programming languages are the best examples are C, C++ Java, etc. are formal languages.

The syntax of the language

Every language has its own syntax, for example, the English language has a set of the alphabet then dictionary à means that without this dictionary no word will be included by the user. Every language has rules of sentences.  For example how to generate sentences using words. Sentence generation means the process of how will sentence generate. The same condition implements in computer programming languages. C++ has its syntax of the language. Let see the syntax of c++ language  
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main() {
  cout << “Hello World!”;
  return 0;

Java programming language syntax example
public class MyClass {
  public static void main(String[] args) {
    System.out.println(“Hello World”);
Python Programing language syntax example
>>> print(“Hello, World!”)
Hello, World!

Programming Language VS Human languages

All these programming languages have different syntax. Just like human languages have. For example, human languages have their rules in sentence making and some other rules of sentences etc. Almost all human languages have the rules alphabet numeric alphanumeric special symbol etc.
The rule in the language is only one thing the main rule that if there is no problem in tree generation then the syntax will always be correct.

Rules of the language

Every language has its own rules about the followings

  1. Read ability rules
  2. Write-ability rules
  3. Extendability rules
  4. Orthogonality rules

The compiler of the language
Every language has a compiler. If it’s a human language English, Chinese or Spanish, etc the compiler will be also human. The human can compile a sentence also using emotions.
The main difference between human and computer languages is emotions. Computer programming languages have no emotions but the human languages are based on emotions. Human language meaning can change when their emotions changed.
Programming languages have compiler software that compiles the language and gives the output of the language. For example, the C++ programming language has a turbo C++ compiler. Java language has a JDK java development kit compiler.

What is programming language?

A computer programming language is a tool that allows us to gives instructions to a computer system in a programming language that the computer system can understand the instructions and generate the results from the given instructions by compiling the language.
A programming language is a skill that gives you earning and making your lives at programming earning.

Advantage of that programming language Skills

  1. The programmer earns a handsome income in almost all programming jobs.
  2. A programing language is a skill that you can develop different types of software.
  3. This is a skill that you can develop a stunning website using web programming.
  4. The programming languages can make you able to develop web or mobile applications.
  5. A programmer can develop AI applications and robotics systems that will help you in routine work.
  6. A talented programmer can create his own web application and run online and earn handsome earning from the play store.
  7. Website programmer can develop his own website and manage his website and earn a huge income from your website, for example, the best example of the website is facebookmark Zuckerberg develop facebook in 2007 and now his earning is the highest-earning website of the world Facebook earns from ads and many more now.
  8. A website developer can develop a professional blog website that can earn from many channels for example amazon affiliates, Earn from, google by displaying google Google Adsence ads and earn huge income.
  9. A software developer can earn a huge income from launching its software.

Disadvantages of programing language

  1. Programming languages are hard to learn you need more time for learning any of the programming languages.
  2. While solving the problems of programming they make take time which you aspected forexample one error can take 4 days to 1 week to solve.
  3. A programmer doesn’t have time to spend with people they don’t have a social life.
  4. The programmer doesn’t have time to spend with family and friends.
  5. A programmer cannot complete their sleeping hours.

Hints to learn a Programming language

If you want to learn a programming language then follows the steps given below:

  1. Take a decision about which language you want to learn.
  2. Search on google about where you can take help in the learning process.
  3. Search on YouTube and select the best tutor who proving complete tutorial on almost all topics which language you want to learn.
  4. Practical is the key to success in terms of learning programming, no one can learn without practicing in the programming.
  5. Useful websites who providing free learning sources are w3schools.com CodeAcademyCoursera Udemy and many more.

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